YEP STL Application Deadline Approaching - Sept. 8, 2017

YEP STL Application Deadline Approaching - Sept. 8, 2017

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audience: YouthBridge Community Foundation | last updated: 30 August 2017

YEP STL -- Youth Engaged in Philanthropy St. Louis -- is accepting applications from high school students for the 2017-18 year. Last year's group distributed $10,000 to seven area organizations serving children and youth.

YEP STL is an organization that is designed to introduce young people to philanthropy and encourage them to recognize needs in the community. YEP STL members work together to develop grant applications and determine which charities should receive funding. It’s all done with the help of YouthBridge Community Foundation, which serves as a mentor to the students, along with First Bank. All charitable contributions are collected and donated through YouthBridge. The idea is to help students understand what needs are in the community, and work as a team to decide where the money will have the biggest impact.

First Bank is proud to partner with YouthBridge Community Foundation to support the YEP STL program. First Bank believes in building lifelong relationships. First Bank Chief Operating Officer Shelley Seifert said First Bank is excited about their new partnership with YouthBridge Community Foundation. “First Bank is committed to helping young people succeed in life, and we believe the YEP STL program will offer students a unique opportunity to learn skills that they can utilize for the rest of their lives,” said Seifert.

The YEP program is currently accepting applications for high school students in the St. Louis area. The deadline for applications is September 8. This is an opportunity for students to meet kids from other area high schools, who are also interested in making a difference in the community! It’s also a great resume builder for college applications.

If you know a student who might be interested in applying for YEP STL, you can go to to apply online or call 314-985-6778.

2016-17 YEP STL Students and Grantees

The following organizations received donations thanks to our young YEP STL philanthropists.

Christian Activity Center, The Little Bit Foundation, National Council of Jewish Women, LOVE the LOU, LifeBridge Partnership, HavenHouse and Our Lady's Inn.
For more information, call us at 314-985-6778 or visit our website:
YouthBridge Community Foundation

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