YouthBridge Community Foundation

YouthBridge Community Foundation partners with financial advisors and their clients to develop planned giving strategies. We are recognized for our ability to handle challenging charitable transactions, and for our in-depth knowledge of charitable giving.

You and your client will have access to a staff of professionals who make sure charitable goals and financial goals are fully integrated to deliver the best possible outcomes for your clients. YouthBridge handles all the due diligence, paperwork, and back office support, saving time and resources for advisors.

YouthBridge Community Foundation Features

    posted on 1 Nov 2018 | Group News
    What does it mean to "be invested" in someone? It's one way of saying, "I believe in you." YouthBridge Community Foundation believes in our community's potential, and is demonstrating it through our...
    posted on 1 Nov 2018 | Group News
    Giving Cards - You give the gift card, they choose the charity! Charitable Giving Cards allow recipients to donate to the causes that mean the most to them. There's no better way to create a...
    posted on 1 Nov 2018 | Group News
    YouthBridge awarded a $125,000 Think Big for Kids grant to the Wyman Center, allowing them to scale and replicate The Connection Project through their National Network, that currently reaches 22,000...
    posted on 28 Sep 2018 | Group News
    We believe helping our local nonprofits to become more sustainable and financially secure is vital. Endowment funds are an important tool in ensuring that long term viability. By creating a steady,...
    posted on 28 Sep 2018 | Group News
    YouthBridge joins in celebrating resource families and front-line agency staff who have provided outstanding service to children in foster and adoptive care, as a sponsor of the Fifth...

Other news from YouthBridge Community Foundation

    posted on 21 Aug 2018 | Group News
    All over St. Louis, kids of all ages are enjoying healthy, safe, and happy summers thanks to the organizations that host summer camp programs and the donors that support them.
    posted on 21 Aug 2018 | Group News
    First Bank, a family-owned, privately-held bank headquartered in St. Louis, has long seen the value in supporting the communities in which they serve. When First Bank decided to focus their...
    posted on 21 Aug 2018 | Group News
    YouthBridge Community Foundation welcomes our newest Board members. We look forward to their contributions, and appreciate their time and willingness to support our mission. 
    posted on 20 Jul 2018 | Group News
    YouthBridge Community Foundation makes a difference in St. Louis. 
  • posted on 20 Jul 2018 | Group News
    YouthBridge recently co-hosted a Professional Advisors seminar in conjunction with St. Louis Children's Hospital. Over 60 financial planners, accountants, attorneys, and wealth management...

About Us


  • Nonprofit sustainability

    We partner with nonprofits, especially those focused on children and youth causes, to help them achieve long-term sustainability.

  • Transfer of wealth

    Working with donors and their advisors, we provide programs and services to support and encourage the transfer of wealth to benefit area nonprofits.

  • Community support

    By generating earned Income, we leverage our endowment dollars to have an even greater impact on the St. Louis community.

  • Leadership

    Through collaboration and community initiatives, we work to bridge the resources of generous donors with the needs of worthy nonprofits to help create a stronger region.


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YouthBridge Community Foundation
12977 North Forty Drive Suite 368
St. Louis, MO 63141
United States
Phone: 314-985-6778



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