Bulk operations
Continuing with S Corp stock, we move to the advanced planning aspects.
14 Feb 2018 | General | National Publication | Article
A very timely section of the Almanac begins the discussion of why charitable tools are tax favored, and it's not what you think.
New code section 199A is confusing and complex and offers many planning opportunities once it is understood. Dennis Walsh helps...
8 Feb 2018 | General | National Publication | Article
This section of the Almanac explores "who" gives in America. The profile of the American giver will surprise you. Or maybe not.
We continue our deep look at the challenge of gifts S Corporations.
7 Feb 2018 | General | National Publication | News story
This week from around the web we find out more about the tax law but also learn that giving "makes you more attractive". Forget "Match" be generous.
We begin a deep dive into charitable gifts of S Corporations, a complex but important asset and subject.
One little discussed change in the new tax law are the broad changes to code section 1031. The provision that allows like kind exchanges for similar types of...
Fewer taxpayers itemizing deductions means reduction in donations

What does the change in the tax law mean for giving? Author Bruce DeBoskey explores giving trends that could become more...

24 Jan 2018 | General | National Publication | Article
This piece of the Almanac presents the results of one of the most definitive polls on American philanthropy.
23 Jan 2018 | General | National Publication | Article
We offer you insights into managing your self so that you are better able to be fully engaged when you meet with clients and donors.
Russell James provides perspective and insights into how the new tax law will impact giving.
Bryan Clontz continues the exploration of gifts of S Corp stock, probing a little deeper into the nuances and challenges of such gifts.
With the new tax law in place, planning for intangible personal property, especially charitable planning will become increasingly important. With no...
Among the sweeping reforms passed in the new tax law are dramatic changes to the reporting of Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI). Dennis Walsh...
12 Jan 2018 | General | National Publication | Article
The "Almanac" provides their bibliography of important books in our field.
There has been endless speculation about how the new tax law will impact charitable giving. Take heart, here's a first look about what it begins to mean for...
Everywhere I turn, there is lots of discussion about next-gen planning and giving. Bruce DeBoskey gives a great overview and applicable steps to begin to...
29 Dec 2017 | General | National Publication | Article

Which gift is on everyone's list, never goes out of style, and gives equally to both giver and receiver? If you guessed the gift of giving, then you are 100 percent correct.

A sample letter to donors.

Now's a good time to tell your clients how to substantiate their charitable gifts on their 2017 federal income tax returns, due April 17, 2018.

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